Smorgasburg LA Returns to Awesome-Up Your Favorite Foods

The every-Sunday market at ROW DTLA is back with interesting fried chicken sandwiches and fancy-pants desserts

Bidding your regular eating habits, and go-to dishes, and dine-out musts, over the holidays?

A lot of people do it in the face of all of those peppermint brownies and glazed hams and onion-terrific latkes and other desserts that involve peppermint that aren’t brownies. For seasonal noshery is a whole other ball of wax, or, er, peppermint-flavored dough, and as it comes around but once a year, we do indulge.

But as we get back to the dishes we normally enjoy, so too do foodie events that took a holiday break return as well. Principally, the popular Smorgasburg LA went on hiatus as 2017 shook hands with 2018, but it is now back and as fabulously foodly as ever.

And by “back” we mean it’ll again be at ROW DTLA every Sunday, and its first Sunday of 2018, Jan. 14, will deliver some sorta-summery weather, making a booth-stroll-by pretty darn optimal overall.

Entry is free, buying the vittles costs money, and here are some of the new tasties to expect, in addition to the tasties that have become tried-and-true for Smorgasburgians…

Mideast Tacos, a “Mexican meets Middle East concept from the family behind Glendale’s Mini Kabob,” will bring the deliciousness. Look also for Indian street food from Golden Cloud, savory ramen and more) from Gentaro Soba, sandwich sublimeness from Daddy’s Chicken Shack, and “Eddie Huang’s unique take on Chinese buns” at Baohaus Far East Plaza.

Hours are 10 a.m. to 4 o’clock, and being a little overwhelmed by the chow-down choices?

Understandable. If you faced such a feeling, over the holidays, as you gazed at a table loaded with peppermint brownies and ham and green bean casserole, you’ll recognize that same “where do I begin?” approach as you venture into this now-classic Arts District to-do.

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